Contact & Submissions: chris (at) iwantyoustudio (dot) com

Digital Sweat Gallery was created, designed and is curated by Christian J Petersen.

From Paleolithic cave paintings to Tumblr porn gifs, technology and the ‘erotic’ have always had a symbiotic relationship. Every new historical breakthrough in visual technology has almost immediately been adapted to produce or display sexual content. It is therefore interesting that New Media artists, who adapt and subvert digital technology and media, have on the whole, been slow to explore these themes. Perhaps the overwhelming saturation of overtly sexual and pornographic material in the modern world has rendered the genre unfashionable and impotent, overwhelming the desire to make more creative expressions of the subject.

Digital Sweat gallery will provide a platform for digital artists, or artists working with digital media, to explore sexual,erotic and romantic themes.  We will invite both artists who already explore these concepts as well as those that never do to produce work for exhibition.

Digital Sweat Gallery would not have been possible without the technical support of the brilliant Brad Zeffren (he built the site!)